whipkey_lessonsOver the last decade Matt Whipkey has become one of Omaha’s most respected musicians and singer- songwriters. Releasing several albums, earning multiple Omaha Entertainment awards and peforming countless concerts only scratch the surface of his resume. Having earned a BS in mass communication, Whipkey utilizes his written, verbal and musical communicative skills for guitar education. Too often the guitar suffers a clinical stiffness in private instruction. Since 2005, Whipkey’s individualized approach has led to the success of many a student. Third graders to retirees and all between have greatly benefited from Matt’s real world knowledge of guitar application. A firm believer that music lives inside every soul, Matt does his best to cater students’ desires while establishing a practical fundamental base. Along with guitar instruction, Whipkey also assists students in music and lyric composisiton. Most importantly, you’ll have fun.

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