New Albums “Driver” and “Best New Music” Are Out Now!

underwaterWith 2013’s “Penny Park,” Matt Whipkey proved quite capable of tackling the “concept” album. Five years and two full lengths later the award- winning Omaha based singer-songwriter is back with his most musically expansive and literate work to date, “Driver”. Based on Whipkey’s own time as a driver for both Lyft and Uber, “Driver” weaves everyday interactions into a singular artistic vision. Beautifully translating a world starved for in-person connection, Whipkey finds melodic humanity in those minutes in the dark bending a stranger’s ear. Not unlike the genre expanding songs throughout “Driver”, every passenger is unique, every mile familiar yet different. Across two LP’s of whispered acoustics, stinging electrics, subtle strings and saw tooth synths, Whipkey colors his landscape in countless shades of night.

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